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Looking to become a Registered Childminder? 

If the answer is "yes", but you are confused and a little bit daunted by what steps you need to take, then read on . . .

Being a childminder is a very rewarding and exciting career, but should not be entered into without careful consideration.  Running your own business is also rewarding, but it can often be quite daunting to make that leap which is why we have teamed up with Rutland Early Years who can help support you in your childminding Journey! 

It is interesting to note that as of  2014, childminders have been able to choose to register with a childminding agency such as Rutland, or Ofsted.  Whichever route you choose, Rutland Early Years are here to support you.

For those of you that would like to register with Rutland Early Years the please read on....

If you would like a career in childminding, but Ofsted isn't the route for you, here is a bit of information as to what Rutland Early Years Agency can offer you.  Rutland Early Years, is a regulatory body, registered and regulated by Ofsted.


Rutland Early Years follow the same inspection framework and use the same grade descriptors as Ofsted, so childminders and parents can be certain that the quality assurance standards are the same.  When you apply to the agency, Rutland work closely with local authorities, Ofsted and  DBS partner in order to process your checks as efficiently as possible, with a view to registering you as soon as possible. 

Rutland members are important to Rutland and they want to ensure that you feel fully supported in everything you do to develop your independent business. For more information in becoming a Rutland Registered childminder please click here:  New Childminder Startup Registration - Rutland Early Years

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