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A4 bound Early Years Inspection Handbook UPDATEd july 11th 2022

A4 bound Early Years Inspection Handbook UPDATEd july 11th 2022

Updated July 11th 2022

handbook describes the main activities that inspectors undertake when they carry out inspections of early years providers in England registered under sections 49 and 50 of the Childcare Act 2006. The handbook also sets out the judgements that inspectors will make and on which they will report.2. The handbook has 2 parts:Part 1. How we will inspect Ofsted registered early years providers: This contains instructions and guidance for inspectors on preparing for and carrying out early years registered inspectionsPart updated June The evaluation schedule: This contains guidance for inspectors on judging the quality and standards of Ofsted registered early years settings and indicates the main types of evidence used3. This handbook is available to providers and other organisations to make sure that they know about inspection processes and procedures. It balances the need for consistent inspection with the flexibility needed to respond to each provider’s particular circumstances. It should be regarded as an explanation of normal procedures, as inspections will vary according to the evidence provided. This handbook applies to inspections carried out from September 2019 under the education inspection framework (EIF).

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