Childminding children’s documents starter pack

Childminding children’s documents starter pack

The packs obtains the following and is suitable for one child

Statutory EYFS 2021 Ans Developmwnt Matters plus: 

1 x All about me / Early Years Passport to learning A5 booklet - this is given to parents/ carers to capture vital information before they commence full time care. It also contains the early years assessment review which last for six weeks and provides practitioners with their own starting points whilst in childcare

1 x Learning Journal - this includes all the areas of learning, well being and involvement scales, Schemas, Characteristics of Effective Learning and Early Years Outcomes - it’s also a beautiful booklet you look at in years to come for parents 

1 x Daily Diary - the diary is a perfect way to demonstrate to Rutland or Ofsted you commitment to sharing vital and exciting information with parents. The diary allows you capture significant events that have taken place as well as what the little one has eaten and so forth.. again this is a beautiful tangible keepsake for parents to look at in years to come

1 x Early Years Outcomes Tracker - this is the government no. statutory booklet and we have placed on a front page so that it can be used specifically for the child .. simply track a child’s progress by using this booklet and add in your own little bits too...